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In Romania, the National Bank of Romania is responsible for the regulation of Forex trading, but a Romanian Forex broker should also be regulated under The Markets in Financial Instruments Directive (MiFID), which was introduced in /5(6). FOREX information. Following the rule of Ceausescu, Romania is slowly but undoubtedly recuperating, and the tourists are also returning. Den biggest tourist attraction is of course everything dealing with Count Dracula, who according to the myth lived in Transylvania.

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Its aim is to keep the local currency stable, and reduce the risk of high levels of inflation. Things have started to look up for Romania in recent years, and their GDP is now much higher. For those of you who have already decided to give the world of Forex a try, an important first step is to find the best broker possible.

As the wrong choice could seriously impact on results. Finding the right Forex broker to invest with is one of the most important decisions a Forex trader can make. Wherever you may reside in the world, there will be a given set of regulations that govern the way trading on the financial markets is undertaken. For investors this is protection, and also helps to prevent fraudulent activities. The rules and regulations are completely transparent and anyone can obtain them. Take for example, a Forex broker in the US.

If it is a reliable and professional brokerage firm it will be registered with the US Commodity Futures Trading Commission, as well as a member of the National Futures Association. Companies who operate within the European Union member states, of which Romania is one, should comply with this Directive. If a firm is registered in one member state, it can operate with other clients in other EU states, provided it complies with the regulations.

It is sometimes the case that choosing a broker from a local country offers better legal protection. As trading platforms are internet based and require specially designed software, it is highly likely that problems will arise with either the software or the internet connection.

Therefore, it makes sense if there is always someone available to answer questions, and sort out any problems. The help should be of the best quality. Live customer support is always the best option as it means issues can be addressed immediately. The cost involved with trading foreign currencies can make quite an impact on profitability, so it will be a wise move to make to understand as much as possible.

Some Forex brokers take a commission, which is a percentage of the spread.

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General Forex Discussion General discussions about Forex market.

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