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Home MT5 Champion Forex Robot MT5 Champion Forex Robot. Top Expert Advisors August Top Expert Advisors August – Best Forex EA’s – FX Robots Dear fellow Forex trader, Welcome to this % free testing website. GPS Forex Robot Review – Profitable FX Expert Advisor For Metatrader  · Forex EA Robot Dynamic Trader v Introducing you the Dynamic Trader EA. On good settings it does profit pretty stable. This is the latest tick data history downloaded and tested from till


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Limited Units available — only in total. Every day fortunes are made and lost on Forex. This way of investment is very attractive because you can make lots of money very quickly. Forex is a bona fide, legal way to make money. That said, you can also lose lots of money. But Forex is not a gambling casino. In Forex, if you gamble like in a casino, you will definitely loose. This is a well-known and publicized statistic.

The reasons are manifold: Usually no more complicated than going to Las Vegas all excited with some cash in your pocket and little common sense or skill in your head! So why, when the odds seem against you, does Forex still attract so many new traders every day? Because most people trust in their good fortune and are willing to take the chance for fast profits. But the veteran, experienced Forex trader does not compare himself with a gambler nor a Las Vegas casino person.

Most Robots and programs being marketed and sold on the Internet, show you past results and also show you only the best performance!

So their information is totally misleading to the average inexperienced Forex trader. For example, they will isolate and highlight a specific 3 or even 6 consecutive months period that the Forex trading Robot made money. But they will not show you the rest of the year or contiguous months when the Robot lost money! This is the most convincing hard proof that my automated Forex system works and makes money. You will be able to watch the results live.

Every day from Monday to Friday, when Forex trading takes place. Not just look at data results on the paper, which might even be fabricated to begin with. This data is just too unreliable to trust. Many Robot marketers say their Forex trading Robots work with all brokers and all currency pairs or other trading instruments in all market conditions.

The spread can be even as much as 3 pips, and the Robot can still make money, although best results are produced with fixed spreads of pips. However, it is also possible to trade other pairs with low spreads, e. Allow me to introduce my latest and best Forex software created to help you make money through Forex faster, totally automated, working 24 hours a day, trading as you relax or rest. It is designed mainly for FX aficionados who have at least basic knowledge about Forex and have been trading already.

Of course those who never traded before can buy it and with some instructions, use it perfectly as well. The functions included in this template use two news sources - Investing.

It places again both pending orders after the opened order has been closed. Open two buttons on a chart, one for closing all shorts, one for closing all longs. The buttons labels display the current total profit for each type of order. Test ChartEvent is an example demonstrating the various types of ChartEvent: The source code works both in MetaTrader 4 and MetaTrader 5.

Trailing stop allows you to automatically protect the profits with your positions. It adjusts itself according to the current market rate and the amount of pips you give it to trail behind. This expert will copy a trade with the preset volume on the same account, can be used with a signal. Multicurrency hedge example EA overlay hedge. The Expert Advisor works with. The robot automatically sets optimal stop loss and take profit levels. The robot performs all calculations when a new candle forms.

It needs no optimization and is ready to use. Ilanis is an Expert Advisor for stock trading, it can be used for trading on Forex and other markets, including commodities, metals and index markets. To determine the market entry, the EA uses the modern and ultra-light adaptive indicator FourAverage. Principle of position maintaining is similar to that of the popular Forex robot Ilan, using averaging.

But unlike Ilan, Ilanis uses an accurate entry into the market. The robot pays a lot of attention to position control, if the price goes in th.

This robot is designed for major currency pairs and trades three strategies. It uses the algorithm for analysis of price data and finds the best parameters. Trades are filtered by results of analysis of daily and monthly chart for the last 10 periods. Veno EA MT5 is a safe and fully automated medium-term trading robot. Veno Expert System MT5 automatically monitors the appearance of participants with distinct preference towards buying or selling on the market.

Trades are conducted on sharp cluster and news based movements of the market. The robot analyzes the market volumes and volatility, and follows strong supply and demand movements. It smoothly sets breakeven level. The Expert Advisor implements the "triangular arbitrage" strategy, which is successfully used by hedge funds.

The EA tries to profit prom price divergencies between pairs and their cross courses. The advantages of the strategy no risk that market reverses against. The employment situation is a set of labor market indicators.

Average hourly earnings reveal the basic hourly rate for major industries as indicated in non-farm payrolls. The Midas1 Expert Advisor trades based on the price rollback from the borders of a price range: It trades using pending orders. The EA trades minimal lot to avoid large drawdowns. Timeframe - M5 or higher. The robot automatically sets the optimal stop loss and fixes the profit. All calculations are performed when a new candle forms. The robot needs no optimization and is easy to use.

Trading is performed using pending orders based on breakout of price levels, where the price had slowed down during the recent time periods. It always places StopLoss. Differences from full version: Opens only SELL positions. Broker and deposit Any 5-digit broker with low spreads and fast execution is suitable for trading. The strategy is based on a technical analysis. The uniqueness of the EA lies in the fact that he adapts himself to the current situation on the market, and this allows the EA to show good results.

Note that the strategy for which the EA works, allows a drawdown. For successful work of the EA, take care of enough money on your account. It is not sensitive to sharp changes in quotations, which allows it to be used by any brokers, with different del. This Expert Advisor catches quick movements of the price of a currency pair and opens positions in the movement direction. The functionality is the same with the MetaTrader 4 version. It includes stop loss, take profit and a system of averaging.

Full version of the system for MetaTrader 5: Full version of the system for MetaTrader 4: Exp Ticksniper The complete instructions in Russian are provided in our blog.

You can install the system on 1 currency p. The EA strategy This EA has a built-in combined Bollinger Bands Trend indicator, checks the prices trends everytime and opens and closes new orders at the right time; It protects your profit because it is provided with Trailing Stop Loss, Minimum Equity Percentage to allow any trade, Maximum Spread alowed and you can also define the bad time to trade where you define the hours you don't want the EA to trade.

Parameters General Inputs Closes orders with any profit of value currenc. Multicurrency scalper, works at night time, performing short trades during low volatility.

For trading to be profitable, a broker with low night spreads is required. M15 Input parameters MagicNumber — magic number, identification number for a symbol. Slippage — slippage Lots — lot size DepoPerLot — automatic lot calculation specify amount per 0. It follows every turtle trading rule to the finest detail, including trade filtering by the outcome of the last signal and drawdown control. Trade exactly like the Original Turtles didMake sure to capture all big market movementsFollow trends to the end and profit in up or down marketsGe.

This is a classical trading strategy, which falls into the category of breakout systems. They form support and resistance levels, which temporarily limit further price movement. When the price breaks down the support level or breaks up the resistance level, there emerges a strong momentum in the breakout direction, which allows to make profit on strong price movements with moderate risk. To create the strategy, we used historical data with the quality of history of It uses filtration o.

The trade system is based on analysis of Moving Average indicator. It uses pending orders when trading, so the entry price has no slippage. Buy order is placed: At strong upper price movement the EA places pending order at price of the moving average - shift.

When price is changed, it modifies the. This EA initiates a trade when the trend on the current timeframe changes. The open position is closed when a reverse trend is detected or when take profit or stop loss level is reached.

I created a signal on daily charts https: Features Easy to use without difficult setup. Works on any Forex broker. Supports any account type including mini and micro. Works on any symbol and timeframe. Only 1 open position on e. Real account fully managed by the Expert Advisor The paid version is available here. The free version has the following limitations. No panel for opening orders. Orders can only be opened with the minimum lot, no more than 5 orders can be opened in the same direction, to a total of 10 orders.

Pause after closing of all orders i. This free Expert Advisor shows time remaining until the current bar closes. This simple yet powerful EA shows you the time remaining before the current candle closes. So you can prepare yourself beforehand. When the Candle closes, you're set and ready to click or not to enter a position. It will remain free but.

Trading Robots for MetaTrader 5. To add a new program, please log in or register. Popular Last Free Paid. Virtual pending buy stop order by Gennadiy Stanilevych. Hamster Scalping mt5 by Ramil Minniakhmetov. Virtual pending sell stop order by Gennadiy Stanilevych. Hwasong Clouds by Chaiya Srisawat.

ScalpingArbitrageTrader by Arthur Singer. Fibonacci Retracement Trader by Oleg Shenker. Universal EA by Vladislav Andruschenko. IPeurusd5 by Sergey Seriy. IPaudusd5 by Sergey Seriy. IPusdjpy5 by Sergey Seriy. IPgbpusd5 by Sergey Seriy. Master Levels mt5 by Dmitry Homenkov. IlanisMT5 by Mikhail Sergeev. TriArb Trader by Oleg Shenker. Midas1 by Andrey Mukhin.


IPgbpusd5 by Sergey Seriy.

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