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Forex Overdrive Robot By // Free Download Forex Overdrive (User’s manual) Free Download Updated Mr Abi from Turkey sent us this EA. If you find that topic is useful, please click on share in your social networks to support Forex winners. OverDrive libraries add to their collections from a catalog of over 2 million eBooks, audiobooks, and videos. Start exploring to see what's out there. Thousands of libraries. With more than 30, libraries in 40+ countries, chances are there's a library near you.

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Forex Overdrive is designed for Long-Term growth as you can see by the chart further down, but it can be used for Short-Term explosive growth, which can be seen below as well. Utilizing Forex Over Drive we deposited $ into our trading account.

Back to why our forex robot is different? Forex Over Drive is a dual trading system. It has the conventional make more money in a short period of time mode, and money management mode, which simply makes careful and solid trades. The money management is set by default and simply slowly builds up your wealth carefully and will result in very few losses. Money will exponentially increase over time, but it will take some time. The robot will slowly raise lot sizes per trade as time elapses.

The make more money mode can be activated simply by raising the risk rate, which then creates an opportunity to make more money by increasing the lot sizes. With our software or any forex robot in general you may have a concern of whether our software can actually deliver these results.

The answer once again is yes, when first installing Forex Over Drive you will be set to the default settings, which will make you money with minimal risk, thus if you are looking to manage your money and slowly grow it with minimal risk these default settings are for you.

To reach profits shown in our stats, you would simply have to raise the risk percentage settings. Email us for assistance or consult your manual. In addition, Forex Over Drive strives to prevent brokers from stop loss hunting. Take a look at our account stats below: What if I don't have any experience in the Forex market, can I still make a profit? Forex Overdrive is unique in that it's designed to run on autopilot with minimal interaction on your behalf.

Once setup which takes only a matter of minutes it's ready to trade! Do I need a lot of money in order to start trading with Forex Overdrive? You can of course start off with a demo account with as much fake money as you'd like to try with.

Does it matter if I have a really old computer? This comes up a lot, it really doesn't matter if your computer is old, all you truly need is a reliable internet connection. What happens if my computer loses power? Any trades currently open will continue to stay open until you open MT4 back up. No new trades will be taken while the computer is off. What is a Expert Advisor EA? An EA or Expert Advisor is an automated trading robot that works exclusively with the MetaTrader 4 forex trading platform.

Is this difficult to implement into my current MetaTrader account? And watch it and close out a trade if it looks hazardous. Many people have done well with this robot" how would you know if it looks hazardous???

I can tell you that is one of the thing I'll be working on soon in collaboration with Forex Overdrive developers. I've been asked by them to work on that and try to find a solution to a good strategy that needs some "protection". Looking at the statement and recent success of the account I decided to purchased Forex Overdrive. I did use the link on this page and hope the proper credit goes to Andrea.

I will have it set up this weekend and ready to start trading on Monday. I look forward to the pimped up version shortly. Hi Andrea, are you using the default settings for this demo account?

Seems like this EA is very profitable. I'll try to give my feelings with this ea and how I use it and will use it in case of a big SL. My strategy is to augment the lots amount after a loss to recuperate the loss in 5 winning trades.

Untill now, I didn't reach the stop loss but I rather stopped 1 or 2 the trades that I felt going really against the trend for a too long time several days at a pips loss. Evidently no one can garantee that you will not have a 'factor 5 loss' in the meantime … but that would be the price to pay!

The EA is a very good one but for now you have to keep in mind, always, the possible lost of pips and choose a lot size accordingly. Also, the strategy of increasing the lot size after a loss is quite commonly used but keep in mind that is not always the best as it happens that when you have a loss, that comes from a "bad" period of the EA.

Usually a loss doesn't come alone. But you can have more information about that by doing good backtests of the EA. If Andera can help solve the potential stop loss issue this EA will rock and will be unstoppable I notice it seems to have a great entry alogrithm but if a trade goes bad it needs a better exit algorithm that is what I am hoping Andrea can provide some insight on to ForexOverdrive…I am so looking forward to the potential here….

I have ForexOverDrive running on three Demo accounts. One demo has the same trade and lot size as the above account. On the two other demo accounts the lot size is only 0.

Does anyone know why the lot sizes are being divided by 10? I wrote to the support asking why, EA did not trade for long time, about 10 days. Here is the response from support;. I actually had quite a number of trades in the last 2 weeks. I'm trading 2 accounts, and one of them missed some signals, due to time slippage, even though my PC time is accurately set.

I increased the TimeSlip from seconds to seconds, since most of their trades are not short term anyways. You could look in MT4 logs, see if you missed trades. If there is no activity reported at all, then clearly something is wrong.

Email us for assistance or consult your manual.

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I've been in contact with Overdrive support and they said version 4 is not doing so well.

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