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Apr 22,  · Webinar realizado por Alfa Forex y Zero Trader donde se hace una revisión detallada de todo lo concerniente al Backtesting, desde la . Oct 28,  · "Especial Bancos Centrales y La Guerra de Divisas" Webinar de Yuri Rabassa CFTe políticas monetarias de los Bancos Centrales y cómo afectan a las cotizaciones de las divisas en forex.

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Classifying the day and noting important aspects and metrics. Welcome To Best Forex Discount. What is Market Profile? Why is it significant to know what it is? What are the basic features, terminology and acronyms used in Market Profile? How are Market Profiling and Volume Profiling different? How I use it: Why do I use Volume Profiling? What information am I looking at? Why is the overnight auction important? What tools am I using to look inside of the noise?

Putting it all together… Questions will be taken on the webinar platform at the end of the session to prevent us from going over the allotted time. In this webinar, we will focus on the following: Profile Shapes and what they are telling us Relationships of profiles across several days: Expected behaviors, how they are created and why A look inside a developing profile: Reading a profile as it develops Composite: Why are they important?

How can they assist the decision process? If any one or more of these sound familiar to your trading, then you will benefit from showing up: You are now completely paralyzed and are too afraid to trade again You take a loss and you immediately start blasting away to make up for it. We will discuss in detail the following important topics: How not to use your homework? Completing your homework pre-open Executing in your planned areas and staying out of trouble Introduction to Topic No.

Research and Analysis of Probabilities. You've just added this product to the cart: Add to cart Quick View. Simpler Options — Weekly Butterflies for Income. In this comprehensive class John will teach: Simpler Options — Double Diagonals Class. In this course, John will share: Find FXTM by searching on the top search bar. Your capital is at risk. You may lose more than you invest. Log in Register Register. Learn the fundamentals of forex trading Receive insights into superior risk management practices.

Discover complex trading strategies. Prior to joining the broadcast network, Hussein spent several years working in the financial services sector as a dealer, trader and analyst covering equities, commodities, and foreign exchange markets. With over 10 years of personal trading experience in currency, commodities and CFD markets, he has instructed over 10, traders through regular professional workshops and seminars on the art of technical analysis.

A keen follower of macroeconomic events, with a strong professional and academic background in finance, Lukman is well versed in fundamental and technical analysis.

Thanks to his military background, he developed an attitude of discipline, perseverance and dedication. He studied math, physics and statistics in the military academy, and from early on in his career, he was a trainer of trainers, passing on his experience to others.

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In this course, John will share:

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